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Lard Soap With Our Pastured Raised Pork Fat

January 20, 2022

We are excited to be working with another local business, Holistic Homestead in Mora MN! Candice and Justin Brockner grow their own herbs on their farm and have several herbal creations they make with their herbs. They have several soap options that we have been using for the past year. So, this past fall when we had a lot of pork fat from butchering our pasture raised pigs, I approached Candice to see if she had interest in making a lard soap. I didn’t want our pork fat sitting in the freezer all winter and I wanted an opportunity to work with another small business.

Here we are with Holistic Homestead’s Lard Soap made with our pork fat. There is a limited quantity of this available since we only butcher our pigs once a year. Candice and Justin took what we had left over from customer sales, about 65 pounds of pork fat that they rendered into lard. We hope to work with them again this coming fall.

You can take a look at Holistic Homestead’s online store to see what they have available. They do ship products. If you are local to the area or will be in town, they also have a wonderful little boutique shop North of Mora 3 miles off of highway 65. There they showcase many other natural minded small local vendors and products alongside their own products. You can go to their website to see what their store hours are. 

Thank you for supporting our small businesses!  

Desiree Nelson

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