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Meet your Farmers

Welcome to Nelson Grass Farm! We’re Ryan and Desiree.

Ryan was born on a crop and beef farm in Northwestern Minnesota and also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit with his degree in Entrepreneur Business. Desiree has a degree in Biology and grew up loving animals, knowing she wanted to work with them – although she thought it’d be exotic animals! We don’t know if that’s where it started for us, but after spending time managing a Minnesota sheep farm we decided it was time to start our own farm, where we could have more independence with how we raised animals and cared for the land. Not to mention, get to enjoy the farming lifestyle with our growing family.

Our farm starts with the ground we walk on – in other words the soil. From day 1, our passions were aligned to do right by the soil, the animals, and the people who are involved in our small food web. Nature is where it’s at, and we try to mimic it to the best of our human ability.

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We started our own farm north of Minneapolis in 2012. Our first pastured broiler chicken was sold in July of that year, our first eggs sold in September and pork in November. We raised 200 broiler chickens, 50 laying hens and 8 pigs. That year consisted of more prepping and tending before we came to the selling part. Since then, our farm has grown slowly, expanding our knowledge each year. We are never done learning and look forward to improving our business.

Our local farm is now in our tenth growing season, and we can see the difference our regenerative farming practices have made on the soil and the plants. This only makes our food more nutrient dense for our family, and yours.

We’d love to be your source for local and pasture-raised chicken, eggs, and pork.

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