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From our pasture to your family’s plate.

Pasture-raised pork

Nelson Grass Farm is your local family-run farm dedicated to humanely-raised, pasture-raised meat and eggs since 2012, offering pickup across the Twin Cities metro area, St. Cloud, and Mora.

We farm from the soil up using regenerative farming practices – what’s good for nature is good for our chickens and pigs… and you! Bring nutrient-dense food to your family’s table without the worry of how the animals and land were treated.


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August 9, 2022
I'm sharing my go-tos when it comes to saving money and still buying high quality food direct from the farmer.
July 13, 2022
Nelson Grass Farm is now offering Home Delivery option, in addition to our regularly scheduled pickup locations, in the Twin Cities Metro area and North up to Ogilvie, and the immediate St. Cloud area as well.
March 17, 2022
We have been at the farm for 10 years in 2022. Here is the story of how we started this venture.

A Different Kind of Farm: Healthy Land. Healthy Food.

Pasture-raised chicken

In providing nutrient-dense food for our family and yours, we’re on a mission to heal our bodies and the land. That’s why our animals are 100% pasture-raised on our small Minnesota farm, where they’re rotated on 25 acres of land to support a thriving pasture ecosystem. Our chickens and pigs are provided grain that’s always soy-free and organically grown, and they live outside with plenty of sunshine, fresh air, room to forage, and clean water.

With Nelson Grass Farm, you can trust that we’re farming with integrity and are always transparent about our methods. Your health is our health!

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