3.50 to 3.99 lb Pasture Raised Whole Chicken



The Product

This is a frozen whole chicken in the 3.50 to 3.99 pound range.  Nutrient dense raised on pasture.  It is packaged in a heavy plastic shrink bag. Processed at an inspected facility here in Minnesota.

The Farming Method

The chicken you buy is only as good as the way it was raised.  Here at Nelson Grass Farm we start from the Soil Up.  These chickens come to the farm as day old chicks.  We start them in the brooder and feed transitional organic feed which has been carefully formulated by our nutritionist and sourced by our feed mill.  When they have feathered they are moved out where they live on fresh pasture with daily moves.  There shelters are designed to provide protection from the elements and predators while giving them ample space and opportunity to be a chicken.

Whole chicken garnished in dish

Whole chicken ready for the oven


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