We Are A Family Farm

How it all started

Ryan was born on a crop and beef farm in Northwestern MN, but moved off the farm at the age of 5.  Maybe that is where it all started?

Desiree grew up with a love for animals and the desire to work with them.  She was thinking more along the line of exotics, but ended up working with farm animals after college.  Maybe that is where it all started?

Either way, Ryan with a degree in Entrepreneur Business and Desiree with a Biology degree found themselves managing a sheep farm south of the Twin Cities.  After the birth of their daughter Olivia, the farm life became a way of life.



Our Mission

To heal the land and heal bodies with our pasture raised animals, while providing an income for our family.

Why Do Our Eggs Cost So Much?

Why Do Our Eggs Cost So Much?

Did you ever wonder why our pasture raised eggs cost what they do? We don’t actually get this question a lot, but we aren’t selling at a farmer’s market where it might come up more.  I also believe people are just polite and we don’t hear from them after they see our...

Pasture Raised Products We Offer

Pasture Raised Products We Offer

Our 2018 season is upon us and we have a couple changes this year to the products we have to offer.  We will have pasture raised chicken, pork, rabbit and eggs available for delivery or pick up at the farm.  All are fed a NO SOY transitional organic feed from our...


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